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Suppliers of food packaging solutions for major retailers, butchers, fishmongers, takeaway chains, deli counters and food manufacturers. We offer a complete service supplying the machines, the training, the consumables and the after sales service that are required in a busy food packing business. This includes a 24 hour machine breakdown replacement service.
All of our systems are simple to operate and maintain, and offer a secure and hygienic solution for packing fresh or MAP (Modified Atmosphere) products.
Our goal is to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction and supply the best packaging solution for your product range through constant development and innovation. With branches in the UK, Ireland and the USA we are ideally placed to provide the service and support your business needs.
 Food Packaging

Our range of Tamper Evident Pots come in a variety of sizes and shapes with the industry standard Tamper Evident Collars. They are manufactured from Polypropylene and as a result are 100% recyclable and offer a leak-proof packaging solution with high presentation qualities for a wide range of products from olives to muesli.

There are three main groups of product with different diameter lids the, 69mm range has the following sizes: 120ml, 155ml and 250ml.

The 97mm range has the following sizes : 180ml, 240ml,280ml, 375ml & 520ml and are conveniently packed with the 500 bases and lids in each box. This makes ordering and stock control at store level much easier and reduces shrinkage and waste of lids which are usually supplied in mis-matching quantities from other suppliers in the market.

The 122mm range runs from 250ml, 400ml, 565ml, 800ml, 1000ml & 1200ml and the lids and bases come in seperate boxes, but again we match the quantities for your convenience.

We also carry a 105mm, 670ml size for soups, some rectangular and round shapes in larger sizes for the catering sector running from 1.75 litre rectangular for supplying sandwich fillings or salad bar products, to 5-10 litre buckets with handles for bulk olive suppliers etc.

Tamper Evident Containers