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Suppliers of food packaging solutions for major retailers, butchers, fishmongers, takeaway chains, deli counters and food manufacturers. We offer a complete service supplying the machines, the training, the consumables and the after sales service that are required in a busy food packing business. This includes a 24 hour machine breakdown replacement service.
All of our systems are simple to operate and maintain, and offer a secure and hygienic solution for packing fresh or MAP (Modified Atmosphere) products.
Our goal is to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction and supply the best packaging solution for your product range through constant development and innovation. With branches in the UK, Ireland and the USA we are ideally placed to provide the service and support your business needs.
 Food Packaging

Heat Sealable Polypropylene
Microwavable Trays

There are three ranges of heat sealable Polypropylene trays available from stock:

  • Barcoper Range
  • La Barket Range
  • MP range.

Each range contains a series of trays that have different depths but the same top out dimensions. This allows the complete range to be sealed using the minimum number of sealing plates.

In the case of the Barcoper and La Barket ranges, we have an adjustable plate allowing all sizes to be sealed using the same plate and the same lidding film. These two ranges are particularly suited to Foodhall and Deli operations, as the sizes are available from 250cc - 2000cc thus allowing for the packing of a wide variety of items, from olives and nuts to small meat joints, and everything in between.

The MP range of trays is more suitable for Pre-packed foods, with sizes available up to half gastro dimensions.The trays are injection moulded rather than thermo-formed, thus increasing the strength of the trays for goods-in-transit. They are available in a range of colour to enhance the presentation options.