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Food Packaging
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Suppliers of food packaging solutions for major retailers, butchers, fishmongers, takeaway chains, deli counters and food manufacturers. We offer a complete service supplying the machines, the training, the consumables and the after sales service that are required in a busy food packing business. This includes a 24 hour machine breakdown replacement service.
All of our systems are simple to operate and maintain, and offer a secure and hygienic solution for packing fresh or MAP (Modified Atmosphere) products.
Our goal is to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction and supply the best packaging solution for your product range through constant development and innovation. With branches in the UK, Ireland and the USA we are ideally placed to provide the service and support your business needs.
 Food Packaging

Our hugely popular heat sealed, ovenable, cool to the touch hot food packaging system.
The perfect Take-away solution.

Simple to use. Up to 8 packs per minute. Hot Food straight from the pan placed into the Dot container, lidded off on the B160 machine, then stacked and packed in a takeaway carrier for delivery.

  • Dot Trays are 100% Leak-proof.
  • The unique Foam effect will keep food hot during delivery.
  • Suitable to reheat in the oven or microwave. (They will maintain their shape and stability,even in the oven, unlike normal CPET trays.)
  • Cool to the touch when taken directly from the oven.
  • Will freeze down to minus 40 degrees celcius; Ideal for the pre-production of ready meals.
  • Use 30% less material than standard ovenable trays thus helping the environment.
  • Reheat food in the micro- wave 15% quicker than Cpet or foil trays.