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Suppliers of food packaging solutions for major retailers, butchers, fishmongers, takeaway chains, deli counters and food manufacturers. We offer a complete service supplying the machines, the training, the consumables and the after sales service that are required in a busy food packing business. This includes a 24 hour machine breakdown replacement service.
All of our systems are simple to operate and maintain, and offer a secure and hygienic solution for packing fresh or MAP (Modified Atmosphere) products.
Our goal is to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction and supply the best packaging solution for your product range through constant development and innovation. With branches in the UK, Ireland and the USA we are ideally placed to provide the service and support your business needs.
 Food Packaging

We offer a full range of heat sealable laminated paper chicken bags with and without windows for hot rotisserie counters, in various sizes ranging from portion bags to XXXL organic bird formats. The paper aspect of this product range removes the need to use expensive chicken domes and as they can be heat-sealed providing a leak proof solution and offer consumers a perfect solution for hot rotisserie service.

We can also offer a non- heat sealed bag solution for rotisserie counters using a zip-lock printed plastic chicken bag, which provides an efficient solution for hot display cabinets and serve-over counters. The bags have a bottom gusset and a carry handle for convenience and be logo printed to offer full marketing benefit for displays of pre-packed whole birds.

For other hot food-to-go products like pasties and pies, we carry a stock range of laminated card inserts and perforated cast BOPP white backed bags, which can be used for pre-packed, in-store baked products. The unique perforations pattern on the top half of the bag only, reduces the possibility of leakage during storage and handling and the white boards and white backed format of the bags enhances presentation of product on display.