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RH Packaging (US) LLC are leading suppliers of specialized value added packaging solutions focussing on fresh and prepared foods.
Our products deliver enhanced functionality and a natural tactility which leads to increased customer loyalty, and most importantly repeat sales.
Our unique range of ovenable Trays, Films and Bags provide an opportunity for retailers and food processors alike to innovate with value added offerings, and therefore differentiate their products from the competition.

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Sealed&Fresh Counter Bags

Beginning with retailers of all levels we offer our Sealed&Fresh counter bags which can be used for Meat, Seafood & Deli counters where quality is always important.
Our self-seal bags offer a simple leak-proof, secure & hygienic solution in artisan traditional natural papers which can be customized to project your brand in the mind of consumers.
The Sealed&Fresh bags are also available in an attractive stock print for the independent market.

Seal&Cook Counter Bags

When it comes to value added seafood why not try our market leading Seal&Cook bags which are proven to increase sales wherever they have been introduced.
Seal&Cook bags remove all the perceived negatives consumers have when it comes to purchasing & handling fresh seafood.
These leak-proof bags which can be supplied in a variety of materials including Foil and or Kraft Papers can beused for cooking seafood directly from a fresh counter.
The seafood steams En Papillotte within the pouch locking in the flavours and nutrients & meaning consumers no longer have to handle the seafood.Consumers can see the seafood cooking through the window and changing colour indicating the seafood is cooked which increases confidence                                                                                     .
Retailers can offer simple value added programmes based on our 1.2.3 Step concept: 1. Choose your seafood, 2. Choose your flavour/garnish , 3. Cook the bag

Delight Oven trays

The delight range of oven trays can be used in standard, convection and microwave ovens and are manufactured in a unique hybrid material therefore reducing the amount of plastics used in the process.
This unique hybrid composition allows for full colour printing on the exterior and interior body of the trays offering enhanced branding and communication opportunities.
Available in a range of existing profiles and sizes Delight truly is the next generation of value added meal trays.

Air-Pet Meal Trays

Air-Pet trays offers multiple retailers and retail brand owners the opportunity to deliver high performance dual oven(standard, convection and microwave ovens )tray technology in super lightweight format.
Air-Pet also has the added benefits of high rigidity when heated and Cool-to-Touch functionality direct from oven or microwave making them safer to handle for consumers.
Air-pet trays are 20% lighter than current CPET alternatives making them a eco-friendly option and can be fully recycled as a mon layer material.
Processors also benefit from the Air-Pet range as they are shatter proof and can be sealed at lower temperatures and higher speeds saving costs across the factory process.

CPULP Trays 100% Compostable Meal Trays

eco symbolCPULP trays can be used in standard,convection and microwave ovens and are manufactured using 100% Renewable materials, they are also 100% Compostable.
CPULP has a max temperature of 180C/356F and has very high barrier properties.
CPULP also has the added benefits of high rigidity when heated and Cool-to-Touch functionality direct from oven or microwave making them safer to handle for consumers Natural feel of cellulose material differentiates CPULP from all plastic alternatives.
Certified as OK Compost consumers can recycled the product at home or place in the compost bin for collection.

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