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Alpamer system 
“Simply the Best way to package Fresh Fish.”

  • Leak proof packagingfishcounter pg 3 rght img
  • No smells in the fridge
  • No more plastic bags
  • Prevents freezer burn
  • Preserves freshness
  • Removes one of the main reasons why consumers don’t buy fresh fish.


The Alpamer fish packaging system is designed to remove all the perceived negative aspects of purchasing fresh fish. Our system, which is used by many major UK and European Supermarkets, provides a leak-proof, odour proof, light blocked, hermetically sealed Foil and Paper pack. The system produces a sealed pouch, which protects the fish during transport and storage and preserves the freshness of the product until it is consumed.

The pack allows fish to be frozen, without freezer burn, and, due to the airtight seal, the possibility of cross contamination during storage in the refrigerator is eliminated.

The system is totally flexible as the material is supplied on a continuous roll; so everything from a single fillet to a whole salmon can be packed neatly and efficiently in a very attractive package.
As each pack is “custom-made” to suit each purchase, the operative only uses the minimum amount of material.

SEAL & COOK... Fish “En Papillote”
In addition we can now offer an exciting innovative extension to the Alpamer system called SEAL & COOK. This package provides all the advantages of the standard Alpamer product listed above, but in addition, the whole pack can be placed directly in the oven.

fishcounter pg 3 lft imgSome unique benefits...

Value added option...Herb or Lemon butter or any special sauce can be added to the pack.
No need for pots and pans... Fish cooks in the pack on a tray in the oven.
Fish cooks “En Papillote”... the method of cooking recognized by most chefs as the best way to retain full flavour.
This package will increase your sales of fresh fish!
(We offer Seal & Cook in readymade bag or tube format.)