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ThermoTop Paper Packaging system

  • Leak proof breathable paper packagingfishcounter pg 3 rght img
  • No more plastic bags
  • Keeps produce fresh longer.
  • No smells in the fridge
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Prevents freezer burn
  • Prevents meat from sweating

Thermotop is a porous, polythene laminated paper that allows both fresh and cooked meats to breathe, thus keeping them in optimum condition.The system provides a leak proof, airtight paper pack and prevents cross contamination during storage.

Customers love the traditional attractive butchers’ paper appearance. The whole pack can be placed in the freezer without risk of freezer burn. Due to the light barrier, red meat will retain its bloom. The paper comes on a continuous roll, in either single wound or tube format, and you simply tear off the appropriate amount of paper, place the meat on the paper, weigh it, fold it and seal with the counter-mounted sealing machine. The air-tight pack is then labeled and handed over to the customer.

We fit machines and paper dispensers onto the counters wherever is most convenient.

Our system has been proven to increase customer loyalty and sales, as it is simply the best way to pack and serve fresh produce over Meat, Fish and Delicatessen counters.

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