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The Bakery Counter in any supermarket is a vitally important showcase for the quality and variety of fresh product on offer. Consequently, it’s very important to also get the packaging right.

At RH Packaging we understand how important this is, so we have put together a great range of state-of-the-art packaging products and systems for in-store bakeries.

Some of our Products....

  • BOPP(Polypropylene) bags, plain and printed. We carry a full range in stock. bakery department packaging
  • BOPP Film and Tube, perforated and not, printed or plain.
  • Paper bags, plain and printed, with and without windows.
  • Glassine, Duplex and Greaseproof bags.
  • Paper Sheets, plain and printed in a variety of materials including Hydropap, Glassine, Greaseproof, Siliconised and Waxed Kraft, suitable for different products.
  • A range of Clam Shell Plastic Containers and Cardboard packsand boxes, for Cakes, Rolls and Sandwiches.

Some of our Systems....
Venus Bag Sealer range... the most cost-effective way of packaging morning bakery items such as Croissants, Muffins and Pastries, in sealed bags. Machines and spare parts are available for next day delivery, and are available in 300mm and 400mm formats; the Venus range is the standard bearer in the industry for reliability and ease of use. We carry a full range of BOPP bags in stock in both plain and perforated formats. 

The Caterpack 2000 L-Sealer offers an efficient back-of-house packaging system where volumes reach 400 + units per day and the range of bakery products are bigger than the standard bag sizes will allow for.

And a new and exciting innovation...
We have recently introduced our unique and patented Seal & Bake paper packaging system, which provides a new and exciting option for your par-baked -in -store Premium Breads.