Suppliers of food packaging solutions for major retailers, Butchers, Fishmongers, Ethnic foods, Deli counters and Food manufacturers. We offer a complete service supplying the machines, the training, the consumables and the after sales service that’s needed in a busy food packing business. This includes a 24 hour machine breakdown replacement service. All of our systems are simple to operate and maintain, and offer a secure and hygienic solution for packing fresh products.
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RH Packaging has developed a unique generic printed Naan Bread bag for the Indian food market using a combination of traditional Glassine material with a perforated strip window in the front side to allow steam to escape during delivery, and thus reduce sweating of the product.
The bags can be micro-waved or reheated up to 80 degrees Celsius in a standard domestic oven, due to the perforations, will reduce the moisture collecting within the bag, maintaining the crusty aspect.

The bags can also be produced in bespoke designs for larger restaurants or take-away operators.